How to Holiday on a Budget

How to Holiday on a Budget

Spring is in the air and you are thinking of the warmer weather that is on its way but when you’re short of cash, holidays seem incredibly out of reach.

However, if you are savvy about spending and use loans cleverly, you’ll be surprised what you can afford!

Even if you have bad credit you can still be savvy and save, save, save!!!!!

Flight comparison sites

There are many of these out there, so finding cheap flights is easier than ever. Always look to book your flights and accommodation separately to save money; the best deals out there are not usually found in traditional packages but sites offering cheap flights might be able to hook you up with a cheap hotel also!

Stay open-minded

If you can be flexible with your bucket list, you’re bound to find a bargain. Stay open-minded and book holidays to places that have offers on the flights or accommodation, you will save money AND explore somewhere new.

Remember, the UK has some beautiful and fantastic places to visit and a week at the seaside in summer can give you everything that a european beach holiday can give you, apart from the odd day of rain!!

Look into living costs

You don’t want to book cheap flights to later discover that accommodation and living costs of your destination are extortionate, look for sites that allow you to cancel so if you do find a better price or option change it, so do your homework before booking.

Look for up-and-coming destinations like Poland, Hungary, and South East Asia, for example, where you will find it difficult to break the bank when you’re there.

It is worth spending a little more on the flights to keep the living costs down when you’re on holiday; perhaps take out a loan to cover this to help you save money in the long run!

Get an apartment

Apartments often seem pricey, but this accommodation choice will save you money when you’re on holiday. There are many expenses that you’ll save by staying in an apartment rather than a hotel; your coffee in the morning, breakfast, meals out every day, drinks at the hotel bar… the list goes on!

You can take out a loan to cover the initial cost, and you won’t regret it when you get to your destination knowing that your next wage is covering the cost as a one off.

Stay local

Enjoying your home country has many advantages! You avoid exchange rate costs, you’re likely to spend less on travel, and you can stay with friends and family or camp to avoid accommodation costs. You will discover beautiful places too!

Great holidays CAN be achieved on a budget, and you may even find that you have more fun trying to be resourceful and creative with your money saving. Happy holiday!