How To Save Money Whilst Saving The Planet

Making changes to your daily life in order to save money and help the planet is something which we should all be trying to do. Whether you have been doing it for years, or are just starting out, you will understand the benefits it has on our lives. There are plenty of ways to save money whilst helping the environment and the world around us and the ideas may not be as difficult as you think. Even if you are just making smaller changes to your everyday life, you are still doing your part and making a difference. Below you will find our top ideas to save money whilst saving the planet.

save money whilst saving the planet

Use a reuseable carrier bag

When shopping in your typical, well-known supermarket carrier bags will cost you around 10p per bag, unless they offer free paper bags. And if you’re going to the shop regularly, you do not want to be paying for a bag every single time. If you are paying for a bag every time, where is your last bag going? The last thing you want to do is throw your bag away, adding to the plastic pollution within the environment. So, why not invest in a reusable carrier bag to save money whilst saving the planet. This way you do not have to repurchase every visit.

Buy used items

We are not suggesting you buy used everything, but when shopping around for clothes, toys or anything similar, why not try thrift shopping? You could try your local charity shop, jumble sale or even online sites including eBay and Depop. This way, you are not only cutting down on fast fashion, but you are also saving yourself a lot of money as the prices are massively reduced.

Alternative transport methods

Instead of going everywhere alone and having to pay for every single trip, why not car share. If you know somebody who lives nearby and they are heading in the same direction, why not ask them if you can join them, or you ask if they would like to join you. This way, you are not only reducing the CO2 levels but also you are saving yourself some money.

If car-sharing is not something you are interested in, why not invest in a bike. Although the cost of your bike may be expensive in the beginning, it will definitely cost you less than your fuel does. Even if you only use your bike for small trips, it is still reducing your carbon footprint, therefore saving money whilst saving the planet.

Bring your own cup

For a lot of people in the UK, buying a weekly, if not daily drink from a place like Starbucks is a regular occurrence. Although most chained coffee shops have invested in paper cups, there is still room for improvement. So, why not bring your own cup and get that filled instead of using one of theirs. Some chains even offer money off your purchase when you bring your own cup. So, it is definitely something you should try.

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