Keeping the Kids Entertained During Lockdown – Crafty Fun

Lockdown is starting to feel like it’s never-ending for us adults so, imagine how it feels for the little ones. With playing outside off the menu & parks a distant memory one of the most significant challenges for parents during the Coronavirus pandemic has not just been homeschooling, it’s been keeping the kids occupied. With that in mind here is our guide to keeping the kids entertained during lockdown – crafty fun!

As much as they would love the opportunity to stare at their iPads or play on their PS4’s/X-boxes all day long, most kids do enjoy spending time with their parents. What better way to spend an afternoon than creating something with your little ones? Here are some ideas if you’ve started running out of ideas:  

  • Baking! Everyone loves a cake, especially a cupcake. Baking vanilla cupcakes with your kids is a great activity – especially if you can get your hands-on different cake decorations. Here is a vanilla cupcake recipe to get you started!   
  • Make easy no-cook playdough! Not as messy as slime, making your own playdough is a great kitchen activity (plus they can play with the playdough afterwards) here is a short video on how to make the easiest no-cook playdough 
  • Lego – a classic childhood activity. Forget the endless instructions that come with Lego box models. Just get the bricks out and make whatever springs to mind! It could be a model of your own home or school, let the little one’s imaginations run wild.  
  • Painting – a messy one, but, a fun one too. If the sun is shining, you can always take it outside and make as much mess as possible. Littlest ones can make hand and footprint art; older kids can decide what they want to create. All you need is some inexpensive paper and kids paints!  


The main thing is to have fun! This is a stressful time and a couple of hours of getting messy & not worrying about it are as good for us as they are for our children. This will be a time will remember for many things – wouldn’t it be nice if some happy memories were one of them?!