More money saving tips for Halloween

Money saving tips for Halloween to some of us means staying in, closing the curtains and turning off the lights but Halloween is an enjoyable time to dress up our children and/or ourselves, carve scary pumpkins, decorate our home with spooky effects and eat too many treats.

Money Saving Tips

Buy sweets in bulk, you can save tremendous amounts of money by buying individually wrapped bulk sweets instead of the overpriced brand name assortments. Do make sure that you buy individually wrapped sweets; parents will (and should) shy away from letting their children try loose sweets because of tampering concerns. Make Your Own Costumes, it takes a little more thought, but you can come up with creative ideas for your children’s costumes without having to go to the fancy dress shop and purchase a costume. Get your kids involved in the creative process, and prepare to be amazed at their ideas.

Costume Swapping

We’ve all got a Halloween costume lurking in the back of the wardrobe that we’ve only worn once – why buy a new one when you can just swap it instead? This year, club together with your friends and swap old fancy dress outfits so everyone has something new – and free.

It’s easy to organise, you could make a Facebook group inviting friends or colleagues to exchange their costumes or even get the neighbours involved. To make it extra exciting, why not do a blind swap (just costumes!!!!); everyone puts their costume in a big bin liner and chooses a new one while blindfolded. Who says Halloween’s just for kids?

Food and Games

Pumpkins – you’ll need some, but go for the little ones. It’ll prevent waste plus they’re far easier to turn into lanterns. Not a fan of carving? Just paint your mini pumpkins instead – kids will love helping.

Pumpkin Pie

If you do go for a big pumpkin this year, make the most of it and save the flesh to cook up a feast. We love a pumpkin soup recipe and save the seeds, they’ll roast up nicely for salad toppings later.

Plan some Halloween games, they’re so much fun and mostly free. Think apple bobbing, ghostly hide and seek or pin the tail on the donkey (or witch’s cat!).

Hate Halloween?

As for you, what if you don’t like to dress up at all? Get some spare tax forms and go as a tax collector. How frightening is that? The point is that you can come up with something clever without an elaborate costume. As a result, you will be more comfortable at the Halloween party, appropriately warm, and not burdened by the realisation that your elaborate costume makes it impossible to use the bathroom.

Make/Recycle Decorations, you can save significant money making your own Halloween decorations out of inexpensive craft materials and leftover project materials you may have around the house. Old boxes, construction paper, leftover fabric or worn-out clothes. With a little glue, paint, and markers, they can be made into tombstones, spiders, ghosts, and other timeless classics.

Use Pound Shops

Why pay more than you have to? Pound shops are full of costumes and decorations for the creative-minded soul at rock-bottom prices. Pound stores also stock seasonal bargains and are a great source for simple decorations or the materials you need to make them. Go early, or the selection will be picked over.

Pool Your Resources

Find a group of friends with whom you can share decorations and costume pieces. It’s a great way to get more life out of materials without doing the same thing every year. Bring-Your-Own Parties are great if you are hosting a party, try making it a bring-your-own buffet. Your guests may surprise you with tasty holiday treats, and if not, well, what could be more frightening than a mystery casserole? You can pick up great bargains to store for next year’s festivities. You can also pick up Halloween sweets at a discount, but don’t kid yourself into thinking that will last more than a week. Show up as soon as the shop opens and be prepared for hand-to-hand combat in the sweet aisle.

Enjoy yourself!

Get an extra level of Halloween enjoyment this year by having a great time and saving money in the process. You will enjoy the glow of a fatter bank account, and you probably will not feel nearly as guilty when you raid your children’s Halloween candy after they go to sleep.

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