Tips for finding the Best Bargains

If money is tight then it’s best to do everything you can to reduce your monthly outgoings.

As well as having little or no spare money you might be one of those people who have bad credit, this could be down to a missed payment or a misunderstanding with a credit lender in the past or you could have just been going through a time where money was scarce and you got into difficulties.

The main thing when trying to recover from a history of bad credit is to keep paying of your loans at a rate that will suit you and your lender, but also keep your borrowing down, only choose the best loans for people with bad credit and only choose the amount you can really afford.

Fortunately, there are a number of fairly simple ways to reduce the amount you spend each month without having to make significant changes to your lifestyle. We’ve rounded up a few of the best and most effective ones in this article.

Get to know your Supermarket Discounts

Every supermarket discounts food at the end of the night that would otherwise be thrown away. However, they all have slightly different schedules and policies on how they do this. It’s worth visiting your supermarket a few times in the evening to suss out what this policy is (or, if you feel really brave, asking someone who is walking around with a pricing gun). The discounts on offer in the evening can go up to 90% and, if you’re able to freeze what you buy, the food can last for a long time.

Reducing the Direct Debit Mountain

Gym memberships, online streaming services, subscription deliveries: the list of things that most people sign up to and don’t really use is huge and it can cost a small fortune each month. It may be hard but look through your bank account, work out what can go and cancel those direct debits. Just make sure that you’re not locked into a minimum contract before you do. Cancellation penalties, particularly from gyms, can be incredibly steep.

Avoiding impulse Purchases

This one can be pretty hard but it’s well worth sticking with it. If you add up the amount of money that you spend on coffees, snacks, vending machine treats and other small purchases over the course of a month then you may well be staggered by the number that you come to. By cutting these out and maybe putting a pound or two in a jar at the end of every day instead, you can quickly build up an amount that will help you to take control of your situation and reduce the debt pile that you are working with.

Best Loans for People with Bad Credit

LoanPig can offer you some of the best loans for people like yourselves who might have bad credit from  5 years ago or from just a few months ago. People get into difficulties for all sorts of reasons, but remember, you can still get credit or a loan to help you through the worse even if your credit score is low.

You are more than a credit score, some lenders like and others will look passed your bad credit score and be able to offer the best loan for people like yourself with bad credit