3 Fun Ways To Earn Spare Cash

Everybody would like that extra bit of spare cash in their pocket to spend on things they wouldn’t usually buy. But, not everybody knows how you can get your hands on it. There are plenty of ways online and offline which allow you to boost your monthly income. You just have to do your research into finding the best ways and the best sites, then you are ready to begin the process and earn some spare cash.

Please bear in mind that although we are naming it ‘spare cash’, it can be used for bills, or essentials if you are struggling to pay for them to avoid needing to borrow a loan. It is a good way to earn extra income to help you with your finances.

woman using coins in piggy bank and earning extra cash

Online Surveys

Online surveys are one of the most popular ways which you can earn spare cash. This is because they are very convenient as you never need to leave your household unless you sign up to all-round surveys which may include face to face interviews. Typically, you may be asked to complete a task online or even be set up on a virtual call where you will be asked to answer questions. They are perfect if you do not have a lot of time on your hands as they typically can be completed when you have time.

Pricing may range depending on experience, age and time it takes for the survey to be completed. But, that is something you will be able to take into consideration when applying to your specific task.

Most used UK website: SwagBucks

Pros: These tasks can be very quick and easy

Cons: You may not earn much money

Affiliate Marketing

There are thousands of businesses out there which are constantly looking for affiliate’s to market their products. Whatever industry you are interested in, the likelihood of there being a company which are looking for affiliate’s is high. Companies use affiliate’s to promote their products typically by offering a person a code to share with their followers, friends or family which can generate commission for them. These schemes tend to be very helpful if you know a lot of people who may be interested in that specific industry. These are very common in the fashion and beauty industries.

Most used UK website: Varies depending on which industry you are interested in using.

Pros: You can earn a good amount of money from commission depending on the company and the website

Cons: Can be difficult if you do not know many people who will be interested in using your code

pile of coins

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a fun way to earn some spare cash in your spare time. The tasks can be a lot easier than you may think. Usually, after signing up online you will be presented with multiple tasks in and around your local area. There are multiple agencies in the UK which will pay you to give feedback on shops and restaurants. Often, they might be conducted so businesses can get an idea of how their competitions are working and performing in a day to day job.

Most used UK website: Market Force

Pros: Sometimes companies will not only pay you a set fee but also reimburse for anything bought necessarily linked to the task.

Cons: There may not be many options depending on your local area.

Our Help

Falling behind on your finances and searching for some easy, quick ways you can make money is a common thing which people do. But, if you fall behind too much and it impacts your essential bills, that’s where the problem will be. Although there are plenty of more options you could try. For example, asking family and friends if you can borrow money from them is one of the ways which we suggest. Also dipping into savings is another idea you could use. But, if none of these work and you is still stuck, a short term loan could be useful.

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