The Best Budget Apps To Help You Manage Your Money

Managing your money is an important skill that you will need to balance from a young age, and with so much technology available online and on your mobile phone, the whole process is made even easier. Financial budgeting is important whether it’s for your home, your personal spending or for an entire family, and the more responsibilities you take on, the more important it becomes. Staying on budget is now as simple as checking a notification on your mobile phone, and with the help of some of these excellent budget apps, budgeting and managing your money has never been easier!

Our video helps to explain the best apps available right now for budgeting


Mint has been at the top of many people’s lists of best budgeting apps since it came out, and this is because it can help you to create a personalised budget all in one place. On top of this, it uses the same security as banks, and take all possible steps to keep your information secure. On top of this, Mint will send you alerts to any unusual charges, and helps to provide you with customised tips on how to reduce your money when it comes to fees and other bills. In addition, it will include your credit score, and you can see a bit picture view of all of your personal finances in one place.

Banking Apps

The first quintessential app that you should have on your phone is your banking app. Whether you bank with Barclays, Santander, a building society or any other financial institution or bank, you can be sure that they will have adopted an app to help you keep a closer eye on your finances. This gives you the opportunity to check your balance, see your transaction history and make person to person payments, all at the touch of a button.

Money Dashboard

Budgeting effectively is important and Money Dashboard is one of the very best apps to help you track all of your financial information in one place, including any savings accounts, credit cards, short term loans or other types of finance. On here, you can use tags to help you track your spending habits, and while you may need to have a bit of a play around with the app before you start to input all of your data, once you know your way around, you are certain to never look back!


If you’re a neat freak and you like to have all of your financial information categorised and connected, then OnTrees is the app for you. You can use all of the same info as you do with a banking app, but it will organise it all so you know what you’re overspending and underspending on. OnTrees is a great app for those looking for something that is simple, yet organised.


If you believe that you need a personal coach in your life to help you when it comes to weekly and monthly budgets, then Pariti is the one. All of your information is stored in one place, from every account in your name, and you can also see all of your bills and expenditure, as well as the money that you are able to spend each month, all in one, easy to see place.