Heating Your Home For Winter 2022

Heating Your Home For Winter 2022

As you may already know, over the next couple of days the clocks in the UK will be changing. This means nothing to most people. However, if you think about it a little bit harder, you’ll notice a correlation between the time changes and the seasonal changes. Unfortunately for our balances and the rise in energy bills, the outdoor temperature is definitely on the decline. Therefore, this means that the cost of heating your home is going to increase. Unlike other years when heating your home was expensive, this year will be drastically different due to the energy crisis. In fact, it may be time to look at ways you can heat your home for free, or even at a low cost. This way, you’ll be able to keep your finances under control and your house warm this winter. So, here are a few ideas you could consider.

Position Your Furniture Strategically

Your furniture plays a huge role in the temperature of your home. It’s one of the many aspects that people would just look past or ignore unless educated about the benefits. Moving your furniture around strategically to optimise the level of warmth in your home is a great way to save money. After all, you already have everything you need, it must all be repositioned into a formation where the direct light and heat aren’t being trapped behind any pieces of furniture. It’s very easy to misplace certain objects around your home, especially if they look better in a different place. However, we must refrain from placing objects in areas where they look best, as opposed to where they will fulfil more of a purpose.

One of the most successful placement strategies is to remove larger objects from in front of a radiator or other type of heat source. Along with this, you could also try positioning mirrors towards direct sunlight in order to reflect it around the room.

Small Changes You Can Make On A Budget 

Without turning the heat up too high, what else can we do in order to heat our homes efficiently? We have a few quick and easy suggestions that you could use this winter.

Other Heat Sources

Firstly, investing in cosy essentials is a cheap solution to the dropping temperatures. Instead of heating your entire house, why not concentrate on heating the rooms you use or, even better, heating yourself? One thing you could take home is a hot water bottle. Filling a hot water bottle is much cheaper than heating your whole room and surprisingly, you’ll become just as warm either way.

Adding Cosiness

Secondly, begin stacking or purchasing rugs. Welcoming a new rug into your room will not only help to add cosiness and warmth but also add some style to the room itself. This is especially useful if your home has predominantly wooden or tile floors, which gives a much colder feel to a home.

Know The Importance of Curtains

Finally, perhaps it’s time to make use of your curtains. Even with the windows and doors closed, heat can still enter your home. Most commonly, this will occur through the windows and the gaps found around the edges. Therefore, once the sunlight begins to disappear, it is crucial to close your curtains. This way, you’re trapping the warmer air into the room and preventing any colder air from entering through any gaps. Many people prefer to invest in thicker curtains to help with the heat and sunlight aspects. However, a lot of the time, they may be slightly over the limit. Here at LoanPig, we can help you and your home become as warm as possible, whether that be from investing in those thicker curtains with the help of a short term loan. For more information, click here.

Saving Money In The Future 

One aspect that many people forget is the importance of boiler repairs and boiler services. Typically, your boiler is working to its maximum potential during the winter months due to the colder temperatures. Due to this, it is more important than ever that we look after our boilers and ensure everything is running smoothly. Otherwise, you may have a hefty bill to pay due to a broken boiler.