Is There An Alternative To QuickQuid?

Looking for a short term loan?

Are you looking for a short term loan but not getting the service you need from QuickQuid? We’re here as an alternative to Quick Quid for a fast and simple short term loan. You might have seen QuickQuid’s adverts on TV in the run up to Christmas but maybe you’ve had a bad experience in the past. Perhaps you’re just looking for different options.

All the lenders!

There actually aren’t that many lenders out there at the moment. Since the FCA tightened the rules a couple of years ago, many decided it was too difficult to comply and stopped lending. We’re a new direct lender and broker which means we lend our own money but when we can’t offer you a loan, we’ll find one from alternative lenders. We think this offers you the best of both worlds.

Responsible lending

We’re not sure how responsible QuickQuid are but we know our own policies and they’ve been designed from the ground up under the new rules. We won’t lend to people that can’t afford the repayments and we generally don’t allow rolling over of loans. A loan rollover is where a loan is paid off by taking out a new larger loan. QuickQuid allow 2 rollovers which while better than unlimited can still leave customers much worse off. As an alternative to QuickQuid, we on rare occasions offer 1 rollover for special circumstance.

Amounts and terms compared

Finally, do we offer different amounts and terms when compared to Quick Quid? Here’s how we compare with what we (and our panel) offer:

LoanPig£100-£20001-12 Months
QuickQuid£50-£10001-3 Months

As you can see, with the help of our panel of direct lenders, we’re able to offer a wider range of amounts and longer durations than Quick Quid. This makes LoanPig a great alternative to Quick Quid next time you’re looking for a short term loan.