Save Money On Your Summer Holiday

Saving money on your summer holidays can be challenging, difficult and/or near impossible if you do not know what you are doing. That is why we have put this guide together for you so that you can learn more about how to save money on your summer holiday. We do not have to tell you just how expensive summer holidays can be – especially when you are planning to take the whole holiday away with you (think around 5 people)! This means accommodation, food, and activities for a group of 5 – a family summer holiday can easily end up costing thousands of pounds. So, to learn more about saving money on your summer holiday please read on!

Set Yourself Some Budgets

Before you even begin planning the financial aspects of your summer holiday it is important that you set yourself a series of different budgets. First, begin with the overall amount you want to spend, and then split this into the following categories:

  • The amount you want to spend on flights
  • The amount you want to spend on accommodation
  • The amount you want to spend on food
  • The amount you want to spend on activities

Once you have outlined all of the above you (which should of course be in keeping with your current financial situation and must be an affordable amount) then you can get to the fun things – the actual planning of your summer holiday! Make sure that you are strict with yourself here, be strict in planning but also when you are away! Make note of all of your budgets and take them with you, or keep them to hand.

Explore All Of Your Options

By exploring all of your options we also mean that you should be single-minded in your determination to research the very best deals you possibly can. This is regarding flights, accommodations, activities and meals. The following are different avenues that you should explore if you want to save yourself money on your summer holiday:


Never settle for the first price that you offered. Make sure you are using flight comparison sights like Skyscanner, and other similar sites – comparing the prices offered on these; ensuring you get the very best price. You should also set up alerts on these sites so that if/when cheaper flights become available then you will be one of the first to buy them. Booking early will also help to secure yourself the lowest cost plane tickets. This tip regarding booking early actually also pertains to all aspects of your holiday. Book everything as early as you can in order to save as much money as you can. If you are planning to travel somewhere via train on your holiday – book ahead of time!


Nowadays, hotels can be one of the most expensive ways of staying abroad. More modern alternatives are growing ever popular, one of the main ones being Airbnb. You can use Airbnb online or by downloading the app, and it essentially allows you to rent an entire apartment, house, villa or something more eccentric for a pre-determined period of time. This can be far more cost-effective than 10 days in a hotel for example, and you also get yourself a whole kitchen which could in turn save you money on food costs (you are able to also visit the local markets and sample the local produce!).

There are many other sites like Airbnb that are all worth exploring. You can also consider all-inclusive holidays as with this type of holiday you pay a fixed price and you receive food and accommodation, you just need to pay for your flights. This could be a very attractive option if you have a large family.

A further idea would be to compare deals on hotel rooms, should you decide to stay in a hotel. Websites like Trivago and are set up for this very purpose. With other sites like Lastminute you can often get stays at hotels at a discounted rate.

Make Sure You Aren’t Stung On Exchange Rates

Not everyone is aware that you almost every provider is able to provide a different exchange rate and therefore shopping around before you commit to exchanging thousands, for example, is a great way to save money. Compare as many different providers as you can find and make sure you are getting the best deal. If you want to avoid this nightmare altogether you can consider pre-paid debit cards as these can be incredibly convenient.  You can also look into more modern alternatives as provided by your, or another bank.

Consider A Staycation! 

If the summer rolls around and finances are especially tight or restricted, if you just can’t afford it or simply do not want to travel far for a holiday then we would suggest that you consider a staycation! For those of you who aren’t aware a staycation is where you take your annual holiday but you stay at home in the U.K! There are an endless list of options when it comes to staycations in the U.K, from city breaks to nature getaway that are fun for all of the family, you are spoilt for choice, and if planned well you could end up spending a lot less on a staycation that you would on a holiday abroad.


Saving for a Summer Holiday

It is easy to be told to save for your summer holiday before you go, to be advised not to go into debt for something as trivial as a holiday, but sometimes you need a break away from it all and if you can afford it, then why not. LoanPig provides short term loans for life’s emergencies but also for those perceived luxuries that you sometimes need. Short term or payday loans should not be used for long term lending.

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