The Best Budgeting Apps of 2020

Taking charge of your spending can be difficult, especially if you have never taken the time to properly manage your money before. Thankfully, there are plenty of budgeting apps available to download which can benefit you and your money management skills. Whether you have a low average income or high average income, there are ways for everybody to take control and perfect there saving, spending and just general finances as a whole. Budgeting apps can be very useful in these situations, but the most important aspect is finding the right one for you.


Plum, ‘The AI assistant that grows your money’ is a great app which can help you save your money. The service is available to Both iOS and Android users, although, those using an iOS will be abler to access an app, whereas those using an Android will have to use the service through Facebook Messenger.

After linking your bank account and your recent transactions, the app is able to identify your financial patterns to get an idea of how much you the money you spend so they can work out how much you should save. Although, you also have an input and you can request to save more or less money or even ask the app to stop at any time.

Pro: The app saves money automatically, you do not need to do much work.

Con: Does not offer any type of interest rate on the money that you save unless you choose to invest it.


Cleo is also known as ‘MeetCleo’. It is a virtual assistant who can help you manage your finances. It can be used through an app on a smartphone, Facebook Messenger or even through the website on a laptop.  Cleo has a very smart algorithm which allows users to check their balance, save money and even interact with the virtual assistant whenever they need too. It analyses and sorts through your transactions to spot your habits so it can find the best budget for you. So, if you are looking for something which is on the more interactive side of saving, Cleo might be perfect for you.

Pro: Communication is quick and easy.

Con: Is best for beginners, not those who already know how to budget.


This is a new app which uses open banking technology to connect your different cards and bank accounts together so all of your information is in one place. The virtual assistant technology helps to come up with personalised ‘snoops’ to help you manage your money in every account and stay on track with your finances.

The app allows you to see if you are overspending on any specific sectors including energy bills or insurance which will help you save money in the long term.

Pro: Allows you to control multiple accounts in one place.

Con: The app is still growing and adding more features, but it is happening slowly.

More Help

Managing your finances and building up a sum of money to help you if anything goes financially wrong, takes time. Things like this do not happen overnight. Although unfortunately you never know what is around the corner and whether or not you will need help from emergency savings. So, if you find yourself in the position of needing to pay for emergency bills or debts with no money, there are some steps you can take. First of all, we recommend trying everything you can before getting a loan, but if you have already done that, here at LoanPig we can offer you payday or short term loans to help.