4 Reasons Why You Should Review Your Life Insurance Policy

Life insurance can be a valuable form of cover to have as it ensures that your family are taken care of should you pass away. Most people tend to sign up for life insurance when they purchase their first home, however it is possible (and sometimes best practice) to have

Do You Need Life Insurance?

When it comes to a subject matter like life insurance, there are often a lot of question marks and grey areas that tend to be experienced and in need of clarification. Few people tend to be aware of the fact that life insurance is an important part of the home buying

What’s Inheritance Tax & How Can You Cut The Amount You Pay?

Personal finance news is often dominated by solutions to day-to-day problems and debates about short term loans. But it’s important to consider long-term issues too. Many people ignore Inheritance Tax because they don’t like to think about it. But failure to act

Should You Refinance Your Mortgage?

When should you refinance your mortgage? While some individuals may think that refinancing their mortgage is a quick move that will allow you to save money, this is not something that is entirely true in every situation. As with all refinances, there are costs

Pick The Best Travel Credit Card For 2018

Applying for credit cards can be confusing, which makes applying for travel credit cards even more confusing. There are so many to choose from and it can be almost impossible to make a decision. Ultimately, the kind of credit card that you should be looking for is one

Safest Places To Store Your Money

Here at LoanPig we understand that with events like Brexit and the overall economic instability we are all facing it can make it hard to know where to put your hard earned cash. While some people joke about being tempted to put their cash under their mattress as opposed

Budget Holiday Destinations In Europe

Nowadays it seems that everyone is out there offering you different deals and offers when it comes to going away on holiday. Sometimes we also encounter cheap flights but then are unable to match them to an affordable form of accommodation, or end up spending a small