Save Money On Your Summer Holiday

Saving money on your summer holidays can be challenging, difficult and/or near impossible if you do not know what you are doing. That is why we have put this guide together for you so that you can learn more about how to save money on your summer holiday. We do not have

Saving Money On Your Food Shop

As we all know, food is now very expensive and generally speaking food costs are on the rise. This is why we have put this blog together for you so you can save money on your food shop. Adopting these best practices as outlined below can also help you to get into good

Apprenticeship vs. University: Making the Right Choice

Apprenticeship vs. University: Making the Right Choice Choosing your career is an important step of your life and requires a lot of consideration and thought put into it. When deciding career paths, some people are given the option to choose between apprenticeships and

The Best Free Festivals In The U.K

Here at LoanPig, we know that summer budgets sometimes just don’t stretch as much as we want them to! With this in mind, we have put together this blog for you so that you can learn a bit more about the U.K’s best free festivals in 2019. There are a whole host to

Four Payday Loan Myths Dispelled

If you have ever come across any information regarding payday loans and questioned its authenticity, we have a couple of responses for you. Here, we dispel four popular payday loan myths and misconceptions. Myth 1: Payday Loans Target Low-Income Households Contrary to

Business Funding – What Are Your Options?

Here at LoanPig, we understand and appreciate that as a business owner, or as a budding entrepreneur with a stellar idea, it can be difficult to get the funding you need to sustain your business or to get your start-up off the ground. Not only can it be difficult to get

Money Management – Tips And Tricks For Students

Students always want to save money, this is, of course, a given. Students are also generally either constantly strapped for cash or somewhat lacking when it comes to budgeting, saving money or money management – this is not a hard and fast rule however and we

The LoanPig Guide To Money Management

Managing money is incredibly challenging and it is something that countless individuals have difficulty with every single day. It is not a skill that people are born with, unfortunately, and you will need to learn effective money management skills. In this blog, we will

How to Avoid Spending a Fortune on Childcare this Summer

How to Avoid Spending a Fortune on Childcare this Summer On average, the cost of childcare is £250.70 during the summer holidays, with some families paying a lot more over the break. This figure has been calculated by Hargreaves Lansdown, based on children whose

A Beginners Guide To Loans

Are you new to the lending industry? Do you need a loan (or some sort of financial assistance) and aren’t sure what sort of loan is best for you? Well, you are in luck! We have put together this blog piece for you so that you can learn all about the different types of